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Planning for integration

Transport Coordination plan

Released October 2017 the overarching Transport Coordination Plan 2017–2027 has a strong focus on customer needs and technology.

With 5 key objectives to guide our future decision and development of plans and strategies these key areas we are focusing on are:

  • customer experience and affordability
  • community connectivity
  • efficiency and productivity
  • safety and security
  • environment and sustainability.

Regional transport plans 

The Mackay Isaac Whitsunday Regional Transport Plan was released in June 2018 after community consultation. 

We work with local councils and key stakeholders to create regional transport plans that support regional communities, growth and productivity. These individual plans guide and define the plan, investment and development of the integrated transport system across each region over the next 15 years. 

Transport Infrastructure Portfolio Plan and Schedule

Each year the Transport Infrastructure Portfolio Plan and Schedule helps shape the network through planning and investment allocation.

Supporting our vision, a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone, planning includes:

  • enabling TMR to proactively respond to changes to government priorities and funding, and provide a strategic framework for transport infrastructure investment
  • outline choices TMR makes on transport infrastructure investments, consider the need for operation, maintenance and upgrade of the transport infrastructure assets, within an affordable funding program. 

Our planning provides guidance into our Queensland Transport and Roads Investment program and the State Infrastructure Plan developed by the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning.

Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program 

Supporting local communities and building regional infrastructure to connect people, goods and services are planned out in the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program (QTRIP), a 4-year continual program.

Shaping the future of Queensland, the investment direction for QTRIP’s $21.7 billion funding is guided by the Transport Infrastructure Portfolio Plan and Schedule planning and investment allocation.

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