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About the department

Our role

The Department of Transport and Main Roads moves and connects people, places, goods and services safely, efficiently and effectively across Queensland. 

We plan, manage and deliver Queensland’s integrated transport environment to achieve sustainable transport solutions for road, rail, air and sea.

Our budget included: 

  • $5.810 billion: operating budget
  • $2.804 billion: capital budget
  • $76.226 billion: managed assets

Our purpose

We bring Queensland closer together.

Our vision

Creating a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone.

Our priorities

TMR’s Strategic Plan outlines our vision with the surrounding priorities and their objectives to deliver:

  • Customer focus: A customer-centric organisation that better meets the needs of our customers
  • Innovation: An organisation that embraces change and adapts to external influences to minimise the impact of disruption 
  • Liveable regions and active cities: A network that connects communities and contributes to Queensland’s quality of life 
  • Building prosperity: A network that advances economic prosperity across our cities and regions
  • Sustainable funding: Responsive finance and investment arrangements that deliver value for money
  • Contemporary workforce: A prepared and capable workforce that meets the future mobility needs of Queenslanders.

Our service areas

We deliver our core business through 5 services areas and 1 commercialised business unit

Transport system investment planning and programming

To provide the direction for a single integrated transport network in Queensland, including the policy and planning framework to make informed investment decisions.

Transport infrastructure management and delivery

To construct, maintain and operate an integrated transport network accessible to all.

Transport safety and regulation

To regulate the safety of transport system economically and sustainably without imposing unnecessary red tape.

Customer experience

To put customers at the centre of the delivery of our products and services to understand their expectations, improve their experience and reduce rework.

Passenger transport services 

To lead and shape Queensland’s passenger transport system by providing a single integrated passenger transport network accessible to everyone.

Transport infrastructure construction and maintenance

RoadTek provides transport infrastructure solutions, including construction and maintenance services to enable us to deliver on Queensland Government priorities and outcomes for the community.

Read our performance against service area measures reported in Appendix 2

How we plan

The Department of Transport and Main Roads Strategic Plan 2016–2020 (revised for 2017–18) (Strategic Plan) outlines 6 strategic priorities and their objectives we focus initiatives on over the plan period. We measure our progress quarterly through reporting to our executive leadership team and in the Annual Report.

Public sector values

Our ambition is to be a high performing, impartial and capable workforce that puts the people of Queensland first. We are committed to a way of working where:

  • leaders and employees make decisions based on the public sector values
  • leaders demonstrate these values as role models for employees
  • we prioritise quality, inclusion, diversity, creativity and collaboration every day.

Customers first

Customers first icon
  • Know your customers
  • Deliver what matters
  • Make decisions with empathy


Ideas into action

Ideas into action icon
  • Challenge the norm and suggest solutions
  • Encourage and embrace new ideas
  • Work across boundaries


Unleash potential

Unleash potential
  • Expect greatness
  • Lead and set clear expectations
  • Seek, provide and act on feedback


Be courageous

Be courageous icon
  • Own your actions, successes and mistakes
  • Take calculated risks
  • Act with transparency


Empower people

Empower people icon
  • Lead, empower and trust
  • Play to everyone's strengths
  • Develop yourself and those around you


Read more in our annual report