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Our services

Our department is organised into 5 divisions, each providing services that contribute to our vision, purpose and priorities.

Policy, Planning and Investment Division

Develop strategies, policies and plans for an integrated transport system that safely and efficiently moves people and goods, and delivers value to the community.

Infrastructure Management and Delivery Division

Partners to deliver transport infrastructure solutions for Queensland, delivers the department’s transport infrastructure program, and maintains and operates the state-controlled road infrastructure network.

Customer Services, Safety and Regulation Division

Provides customer, safety and regulatory services that improve community safety and satisfaction.

Primary focus is to deliver licensing and registration products and services through our customer service delivery network.

TransLink Division

Defines the passenger transport network and partners with key stakeholders to deliver safe, cost-effective and accessible services. TransLink division also provides policy leadership for passenger transport services and manage and regulate the passenger transport industry.

Corporate Division

Ensures the department is an effectively functioning, resilient organisation with a high-performing, safe and capable workforce. Corporate division offers services and support to assist operational areas throughout the business. Key areas of focus include legislation and standards compliance, whole-of-government priorities, the delivery of TMR’s Strategic Plan aligned to branch and budget planning, and Executive Leadership Team direction.

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