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DG Neil Scales

Neil Scales

Director-General since January 2013

  • Champion for Persons with Disability
  • Champion for Domestic and Family Violence Awareness

Under the Financial Accountability Act 2009, the Director-General is accountable to the Minister for Transport and Main Roads and the Premier of Queensland for the efficient, effective and financially responsible performance of the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Neil leads the department with an operating budget of $5.810 billion, capital budget of $2.804 billion and managed assets worth $76.226 billion.

Roles and units reporting to the Director-General:

  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief (Transport Network Security and Resilience)
  • General Manager (Strategic Rail Projects Team)
  • Executive General Manager (Accessible Transport Networks)

Chief Operations Officer

COO Jennifer Grace

Jennifer Grace

Chief Operations Officer since October 2013

  • Champion for Women in Leadership

Jennifer supports the Director-General with the day-to-day operations of the department allowing the Director-General to focus on strategy, the government’s objectives and key stakeholder relationships.

Deputy Director-General (Policy, Planning and Investment)

DDG Julie Mitchell

Julie Mitchell

Deputy Director-General since March 2018

  • Champion for Innovation
  • Registered Professional Engineer, Fellow of Engineers Australia

Julie sets the future direction of the transport system in Queensland. Julie defines and shapes key strategies, policies and plans for an integrated transport system that supports the safe and efficient movement of people and goods, while driving value for the community.

Roles and branches reporting to the Deputy Director-General (Policy, Planning and Investment):

  • General Manager (Transport Strategy and Planning Branch)
  • General Manager (Portfolio Investment and Programming)
  • Chief Economist and General Manager (Strategic Policy)

Deputy Director-General (Customer Services, Safety and Regulation)

DDG Mike Stapleton

Mike Stapleton

Deputy Director-General since January 2016

  • Champion for Cultural Diversity

Mike oversees the delivery of safety, regulatory and transactional transport services for the department.

This division is critical to our current and future transport system, managing the State’s regulation, marine, road safety and frontline services for Queenslanders.

Roles and branches reporting to the Deputy Director-General (Customer Services, Safety and Regulation):

  • General Manager (Customer Services)
  • General Manager (Land Transport and Safety)
  • General Manager (Transport Regulation)
  • General Manager (Maritime Safety Queensland)
  • Executive Director (Customer Experience)

Deputy Director-General (TransLink)

DDG Matthew Longland

Matthew Longland

Deputy Director-General since December 2016

  • Champion for Cycling
  • Board member of the International Association of Public Transport (Australia/New Zealand)

Matt leads the delivery of customer-focused passenger transport services across Queensland including policy, planning, ticketing, contract management and customer services.

TransLink Division is responsible for the integrated rail, bus, ferry and tram network in SEQ and long distance rail, coach and aviation services in regional, rural and remote Queensland.

Roles and branches reporting to the Deputy Director-General (TransLink):

  • General Manager (Passenger Transport Integration)
  • General Manager (Passenger Transport Services)

Deputy Director-General (Corporate)

DDG Tracy O'Bryan

Tracy O'Bryan

Deputy Director-General since May 2017

  • Customer champion

Tracy leads the department’s corporate services, which includes governance, legal, finance and procurement, ICT and human resources to enable TMR to achieve its business objectives.

Roles and branches reporting to the Deputy Director-General (Corporate):

  • Chief Finance Officer (Finance and Procurement)
  • General Manager (Governance)
  • Chief Human Resources Officers (Human Resources)
  • Chief Information Officer (Information Technology)

Acting Deputy Director-General (Infrastructure Management and Delivery)

Acting DDG Bill Lansbury

Bill Lansbury

Acting Deputy Director-General since October 2017

  • Champion for Employee Safety, Health and Wellbeing
  • Executive Leadership Team champion for the strategic priority of Building Prosperity
  • Chair for Transport and Main Roads Employee Safety, Health and Wellbeing Governance Committee

Bill oversees the delivery of the integrated program of infrastructure projects and the maintenance and operation of the state-controlled road network.

Roles and branches reporting to the Deputy Director-General (Infrastructure Management and Delivery):

  • Chief Engineer (Engineering and Technology)
  • General Manager (Program Delivery and Operations)
  • General Manager (RoadTek)
  • General Manager (New Generation Rollingstock)

Governance committees

We are committed to the principles outlined in the Public Sector Ethics Act 1994. These principles are embedded in our Corporate Governance Policy and Framework, and guide our everyday business practices. The Director-General and senior leaders oversee 7 governance committees to provide a more detailed review of specific areas of organisation performance and risk.

Governance committees are:

  • Employee Safety, Health and Wellbeing Governance Committee.
  • Infrastructure and Investment Committee
  • Information and Systems Committee
  • Finance and Procurement Committee
  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Strategic Human Resources Board
  • RoadTek Performance Committee

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