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Our people

Our people are the key to our success. We work to attract and maintain a flexible, highly-skilled and diverse workforce. This helps us to deliver our vision and makes us attractive to future employees. 

We keep our people informed and engaged so they can develop their skills to address TMR's challenges and opportunities in innovative ways.  

How we measured our success

  • Improved workforce satisfaction

Workforce profile

We have over 7,000 full-time equivalent employees within TMR.

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Ensuring a diverse, inclusive workforce

TMR is an inclusive organisation that reflects the community we serve. To do this we embrace diversity of thought, culture, life experiences and people. Our current Inclusion and Diversity Strategy 2016–2020 focuses on women in leadership, cultural diversity, people with disability, and creating an inclusive and diverse culture.

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Building a strong culture

We work to build a positive culture where our people feel supported and empowered. We strive to create a safe and supportive working environment for our people.

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Attracting talented people

We use our current workforce to model what makes TMR a great place to work. Along with this we use recruitment, coaching and mentoring plans to make sure we have the right people to carry us into the future.

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Fostering innovation and growth

We participated in hackathons and the first ever TMR Hack to find creative ideas to improve our service for our customers.

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Our capability blueprint

We analysed our organisational performance in leadership, strategy and delivery to help us focus on our current and future capabilities.

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